Welcome Address

Welcome Address

Patrick Malléjacq

General Secretary of the World Road Association, PIARC, France

Welcome Address
Roberto Arditi

Chairman of PIARC Technical Committee on Policies and Programs for Road Safety, SINA, Italy

Journey 1: The Safe System Approach / O Sistema do Transporte Seguro

Safe System State of the Art
Blair Turner

Australian Road Research Board (ARRB), Principal Technology Leader, Australia

Vision Zero and human factors design principles
Ruggero Ceci

Swedish Transport Administration, Safety Advisor, Sweden

Sustainable Safety - Targeting Zero Fatal Crashes

John Milton

Washington State Department of Transportation, Director of Quality Assurance and Transportation System Safety, USA

Journey 2: Road Safety Policies and Programs / Políticas e Programas de Segurança Rodoviária

The Portuguese Road Safety Strategy 2020
Jorge Jacob

Autoridade Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária (ANSR), CEO, Portugal

Policies to unlock the win-win investment in safer infrastructure
Rob McInerney

International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), CEO, Australia

Measures for Safer Roads in Spain
Ana Blanco

General Directorate for Traffic, Associated Deputy Director for Traffic, Spain

Road Safety Policies and programs in South Africa
Imelda Julies

The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL), Project Manager, South Africa

Journey 3: The Role of Infrastructure on Road Safety / O Papel da Infraestrutura na Segurança Rodoviária

The Role of the infrastructure on Road Safety - The Portuguese Case
a Tomaz

Road and Rail Safety Department Director, Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP), Portugal

Highway Safety Improvement Program
Karen Scurry

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Program Manager, USA

A new conceptual design for the motorways of the future: perspectives of safety (video)

Malika Seddi

Association of Motorway and Facilities Concessionaire in France (ASFA), Director of International Aairs and Customer Service, France

Introduction to Research on Light Environment of Expressway Tunnel for Safety & Energy-Saving Guizhou
Richard Stone/Lianfu Shi

Guizhou Transportation Planning Survey & Design Academe Co, Lta, Vice General Manager, China

Journey 4: New Trends and Technologies in Mobility: Impacts on Road Safety / Novas Tendências e Tecnologias na Mobilidade: Impactos na Segurança Rodoviária

C ROADS PORTUGAL - cooperative systems linking Citizens to Roads towards zero road safety fatalities (video)

Ricardo Tiago

Instituto da Mobilidade e Transportes (IMT), Portugal

Can Automated Vehicles and Smart Roads be the ultimate solution towards Vision Zero?
Leonardo Annese

Italian National Roads Authority (ANAS), International Affairs Senior Officer, Italy

Evolution of Polish road infrastructure toward safety
Padlo Przemyslaw

General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA), Head of the Road Traffic Safety and Traffic Management Department in the GDDKiA Branch in Wrocław, Poland

World Road Association PIARC-CNPCE | 2018 | International Conference on Road Safety
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